TVS Roadhound Tyre Long Term Review ‘Roadhounded’ for 5,000 Kilometres


Bike India | Story: Joshua Varghese | Photography: Vaishnav Nair | Published on JANUARY 18, 2024

We have been using the TVS Eurogrip Roadhound tyres since August 2023. Here are our observations.

We have been using the TVS Eurogrip Roadhound tyres on a Triumph Street Triple S and the motorcycle has clocked nearly 5,000 kilometres to date. Having shod the Triple S with those tyres during the rainy season, we were immediately impressed by the grip they offered on wet surfaces. The manufacturer claims that this was achieved on account of high silica content and the tread pattern. Once the rain subsided, we set off on a long ride from Pune to Hyderabad.

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Cruising at triple-digit speeds was the main task at hand then and the Roadhounds lived up to their sport-touring credentials. We made it to Hyderabad in good time with nary an incident.

During a factory tour earlier this year, the engineers at TVS Eurogrip had explained to us the benefits of a zero-degree steel radial. On the highway and at those speeds, we were able to appreciate the stability the tyres offered. The Street Triple S is a reasonably powerful motorcycle and the Roadhounds were able to complement its performance perfectly. Indeed, the machine-rubber relationship felt natural rather than forced. In addition to the sheer grip on offer, we also liked how the tyres were able to perform consistently well over varying surfaces that we traversed during the ride.

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Since then, the motorcycle has been put to city duty mostly with an occasional weekend ride. Having experienced these tyres on the racetrack and the highway, we were always aware that only a fraction of their considerable potential was being used in town. No wonder, nowadays the Roadhounds are happiest during weekend rides when the Triumph gets to stretch its legs.

After all this time, mention needs to be made of the fact that the Roadhounds have displayed no signs of uneven wear and tear. Naturally, there is a drop in performance but nothing unnatural. In fact, we would say that the rate of degradation is linear and predictable—which is a sign of good construction. It allows one greater flexibility in deciding when to replace the tyres.

Speaking of replacement, we are quite pleased with the Roadhounds as of now and do not feel the need to replace the tyres because there is enough tread depth too. So, we are going to keep using them until they give up. From our experience, they look good for another few thousand kilometres.

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