Motosport & Biking Communities


The Endurance Race

Endurance racing is a form of motorsport racing which is meant to test the durability of equipment and endurance of participants. Teams of multiple drivers attempt to cover a large distance in a single event, with participants given a break with the ability to change during the race. Endurance races can be run either to cover a set distance in laps as quickly as possible, or to cover as much distance as possible over a preset amount of time. We partner with MMSC for the Motorcycle Endurance Race and equip the bikes with TVS Eurogrip tyres. The Endurance Race is a perfect opportunity for both aspiring and seasoned bikers. Given the challenging nature of the circuit, it was a unique platform to showcase our products and demonstrate performance.

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Brunch & Biking

Brunch & Biking is a national initiative to engage with the ever-growing biking community. It is an interesting blend of biking and adventure that presents riders an opportunity to create awareness about vaccination while celebrating the spirit of community riding.


TVS One Make Championship

TVS Racing is the country’s pioneer of the One Make Championship, having introduced the competition in 1994 as the first Indian manufacturer to do so. The championship has provided a platform for two-wheeler racing aficionados to compete for the title of champion. This racing DNA has been developed into the TVS Apache family of motorcycles over the years. TVS Eurogrip has over the last several years been a technical partner with the Bikes being equipped with our tyres.

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Afro European Odyssey

A journey on our tyres Deepak Kamath – Covering 34 Countries in 150 days covering 35K Kms Starting at the Southern most tip of Africa the journey ends @ the northernmost point in Europe beyond the artic circle.