TVS Eurogrip Remora Tyre Review – Comfy shoes


BikeIndia | APRIL 22, 2024 | Story: Sayantan De | Photography: Sanjay Raikar

We recently received a pair of TVS Eurogrip Remora Tyres for our Honda Activa 4G, and while more often than not we notice the improved traction when our beloved vehicles get a new set of shoes, I however noticed the amazingly comfortable feel once the tyres were mounted on the scooter. TVS Eurogrip say the Remora tyres are constructed out of a high-flexibility polymer compound which we feel is a contributory factor in the much-improved ride quality.

Remora image

Of course, grip has improved as well, and while we didn’t attempt any knee-down antics on a Honda Activa 4G, the tyre did imbue us with higher confidence while tackling the unfortunately common wet patches on Pune roads. On the dry though, we were able to corner properly with these new tyres, the rounded shoulder profile aiding us. Even the braking is a lot more confidence-inspiring.

Remora image

We have covered more than 600 km so far, and though we will assess the durability after a few more months of riding, TVS Eurogrip say the stronger reinforced casing should aid with high durability and long lasting service. The tyres are tubeless as well, so in case there’s a puncture, fixing it would be a cinch which really helps with the peace of mind (my daily rider has tube-type tyres).

Remora image

Overall, the TVS Eurogrip Remora tyres have impressed us quite a bit, and one of the notable things is that it shows the same level of competency even when ridden two-up, which is the case for scooters more than motorcycles. Stay tuned for our next update.

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