Can Two-Wheeler Tyres really Be Repaired?


Whether it’s an Activa or a motorcycle, two-wheeler tyres are bound to get damaged. It can happen due to accidents, wear & tear, or they become obsolete over a period of time. Two-wheeler tyres come with 3 to 6 years of standard warranty but they are not foolproof. However, the question arises – Can two-wheeler tyres be repaired?

While punctures and valve damages are restorable, obsolescence and damage in the core may or may not be repaired. It depends upon the intensity of the issue. Most brands offer tyres that are protected against several defects and damages. But understanding whether they can be repaired or not is essential for better wheel and tyre performance.

Common Defects In Tyres

There are several common tyre defects that drivers must know to properly repair the damage. Tread belt separation is one of the most common defects that drivers have to deal with in the tyres. Along with this, there is over inflation, under inflation, cracking and bulging, misaligned tyres, punctures, wear and tear, and accidental rubber wear-off. All these defects are most commonly from driving at high speeds or bad driving habits.

How To Check For Tyre Warranty?

Every tyre comes with a standard 3 to 6 years of standard warranty during which all damage is covered by the company. Drivers can check the warranty in the manual that they get while purchasing the tyre. They can take the tyre to any auto repair service shop or the authorized service centre where the company will check for the tyre warranty. The warranty is not mentioned on the tyre but is specified against the model number.

Evaluate If Tour Tyre Needs A Replacement

Many drivers carry their tyres along with the vehicles even after the life of the tyre is over. This is a big problem because it leads to low mileage and puts a lot of pressure on the engine. Drivers must evaluate when to change the tyres. After 5-6 years, they should replace the tyres even if there is no sign of wear & tear or damage. The rubber compound isn’t as strong as it used to be and leads to poor vehicle performance.

Where To Get Motorcycle Tyres Fitted?

The best place to get motorcycle tyres fitted is the authorized service centre of the tyre company. They provide genuine parts and services. The service centre has top-notch equipment needed for fitting the motorcycle tyre. They do not charge an additional fee and evaluate the tyre carefully. Drivers can also take their motorcycle to an auto repair shop near them and get the tyres fitted.

How Much Does It Cost To Fit Motorcycle Tyres?

Fitting the motorcycle tyres involves balancing the tyre, valve fitting, alignment, and stabilizing. All of this depends upon the vehicle as well because sporty motorcycles may take more time and effort to change the tyre. Generally, the average cost to fit motorcycle tyres ranges from Rs. 2000 – Rs. 5000, which doesn’t include the cost of the new tyre. Drivers have to buy a new tyre or take it to the garage to get fitted for this price.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bike Tyre?

The cost of replacing a bike tyre depends upon the bike and the tyre. Tyres that are rough and tough cost different from those that are made for only city use. The cost of tyres may vary anywhere from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 30000, depending upon the motorbike. For example, Kawasaki Ninja has tyres that may go up to Rs. 25000 because of the bike’s heavy performance requirements.

How To Replace Bike Tyre Inner Tube?

The best option is to get the bike tyre inner tube replaced by a professional mechanic at the garage. They have the right tools to remove the tyre, put the new tube in, and fit the tyre to the wheel. DIY may not be the best option if you don’t have the right tools as it may damage the tyre without the driver knowing about it. Therefore, getting it replaced at the repair shop is what drivers should do.

How To Check For Valve Health?

Checking the vale health is important because it can lead to air loss in the tyre. Drivers can use soap water near the valve to check whether it’s leaking or if there is any crack. The formation of bubbles shows that there is a slow leak that is leading to air loss from the valve. There are limited options to repair the valve. That’s why it is recommended to replace the valve as soon as possible to ensure that there are no leaks and the tyre performs smoothly for longer distances.

Check If There Is Bike Tyre Exchange Option

Several brands of tyres offer exchange options for tyres that are under warranty and may not have served their full life. Check with the tyre manufacturers website or visit the authorized service centre to see if there is any bike tyre exchange option. Some companies may charge a nominal fee for exchanging the tyre instead of replacing it for free. However, that is also a great option rather than paying the full amount to get a new tyre.

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