TVS Eurogrip to launch touring tyres for 600-1200cc motorcycles


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The sporty Protorq too will get a generational update soon

“TVS Eurogrip will have a tyre for every bike in the world in the next five years.” said V Sivaramakrishnan, CTO of TVS Srichakra on the eve of the tyremaker is celebrating four years of its association with TVS Racing and being the strategic tyre partner for its One Make race bikes.. Fun fact, when the TVS race motorcycles were first fitted with TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tyres, they were four seconds a lap quicker around MMRT than the previous tyres.

The Protorq Extreme road tyres are already available for 150-300cc motorcycles in India. Nevertheless, TVS Eurogrip is going to launch a revamped version of this tyre range in the coming months. Going forward, the bike maker will extend the Protorq range for superbikes as well. The tyres get a ‘W’ rating for speeds up to 270kmph. TVS Eurogrip will also roll out the Climber XC series of off-road tyres for motocross and enduro sometime later this year. The Climber XC is already on sale in Europe…

TVS Srichakra also confirmed that it will launch a touring range of tyres in India for large capacity motorcycles by January next year. Dubbed the Roadhound, these are designed for 600-1200cc tourers. The Roadhound will initially be offered in 12 sizes front and rear, and by the end of 2023, TVS Srichakra plans to grow this number to 20.

These tyres were developed by TVS Srichakra R&D facility located in Milan and were tested in Indian, European, and Japanese road conditions. The European locations include the likes of Mores Track for dry behaviour and OAMTC Fahrtechnic Zentrum for wet weather. This is on par with testing standards of European brands of motorcycle tyres.

TVS Srichakra is also planning to develop new tyres for classic scooters, supersport motorcycles, cruisers and adventure tourer motorcycles in the future.

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