2.50-16 6PR SIMHA (RIB)


Wheel Position : Front Tyre
Product Pattern : SIMHA (RIB)
Tyre Type : Tubular
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A market leader built for on & off road usage with superior grip and heavy load carrying capacity

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Better steering control, with confident cornering
Prevents skidding during rains and enhances straight line stability
Better riding comfort, grip and mileage
Unique mini-block tread pattern arranged in rib design
Centre Groove design
Special carcass compound

The Superior Technology of TVS Eurogrip

TVS Eurogrip Simha Tubular Tyre For Moped | For a Steady Grip and A Smooth Ride | Size: 2.50-16 6PR SIMHA RIB Front Tyre
An Extraordinary Ride: The Simha tyre has unique mini-block tread pattern arranged in rib design. It has better steering control, with confident cornering.
Unbeatable Performance: With centre Groove design, it prevents skidding during rains and enhances straight line stability.
Durable Design: It features a special carcass compound that has better riding comfort, grip and mileage.
Quality Products, Quality Service: The widest range of products, for a smooth, comfortable, excellent, and safe experience.
CROSSOVER (Mixed Road, All Weather) Tyres: Riders who enjoy a mix of both on-road and off-road terrains. Be it unpaved countryside roads, or city roads with the perils of potholes. Get the best out of your bike. Whatever the terrain, whatever the weather.
Compatible Vehicle: Front Moped Tyre for TVS XL Super Heavy Duty HD


2.50-16 41L 6PR RIB PLUS