What is a Tubular and Tubeless Tyre? How are they different?


There are several different types of tyres that motorcycles use. Tubular, Tubeless and Clincher tyres are the three most commonly used types of tyres for motorcycles. In this article, we will look at tubular tyres, why they are important for motorbikes and how to replace the bike tyre’s inner tube when they face any damage.

Tubular tyres are one-piece tyres/tubes. The tubeless tyre is fitted to a special tubular rim. It is done by using adhesive to stick the tyre to the rim. In case of any puncture, the tubular tyre has to be separated or removed from the rim, repaired and then fixed again to the tubular rim.

The lack of rim bead in the tubular tyre makes it a lightweight option for the motorbike. There is a lower risk of pinch flatting as the tyres can comprise a wide range of tyre pressure. They are generally comfortable driving at high speeds, which is why sports drivers and racers admire tubular tyres in their vehicles. Tubular tyres are typically mostly used in racing bikes where the drivers can simply replace the entire tubular rim with the new one and get the tyre ready in no time.

Significance Of The Tube In Tyre

The tube is important inside a tyre because if the rim bends, there will be no sudden loss in air pressure. Tube type tyres provide an extra layer of cushioning inside the tyre, which might be beneficial for comfortable drives. The biggest advantage of the tube inside the tyre is that it is easy to source and repair. There are hundreds of repair shops that can easily fix punctures in the tube and use the right pressure to get the tyre in perfect condition. Tubeless tyres may face the problems of not getting fixed on time, which may lead to long-term tyre damage. However, there is high friction in the tubular tyres, which can lead to overheating in certain conditions.

How To Replace Bike Tyre Inner Tube

Replacing the bike tyre inner tube can be a challenge. We suggest getting to an authorized service centre or a repair shop near you to change the inner tube. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can do the following steps –

1. Take off the wheel from the bike and take the valve cap off as without taking the cap off, you will not be able to take the tube off.

2. Insert the tyre lever between the bike tyre and the wheel rim. It will take some effort but with constant pushing, the tyre will come off from inside the rim and make an outer covering.

3. Take another tyre lever and move it around the gap and make the tyre loose. Once that is done, you can easily remove the inner tube.

4. Either fix the puncture or replace the bike tyre inner tube with a new one, the choice depends upon the damage.

5. Take the pump and slightly inflate the tyre before getting it back in the wheel rim. Remember to put the valve between the valve hole in the rim. Use the tyre levers to put the tyres back inside the rim so that they are tight again. Once that is done, fill the air inside the tyre at the required tyre pressure level.

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