Let’s find out which tyre is the best for bikes on Indian roads?


Cruising along beautiful landscapes, and feeling the wind hit you softly is quite a unique experience. For all the connoisseurs of two-wheelers and bike rides, it’s an experience that’s cherished deeply. However, when smoothly sailing through Indian Roads and terrain, a tantamount question arises; what are the best tyres to use? Should I use the tubular ones or the tubeless ones? Do radial tyres offer better handling? We’re going to break down each tyre type for you to decide for yourself.

Tube-Tyres – A cost-friendly option for Indian Markets
These are the original tyres. By this, we mean that they were the first in a line of the family tree of tyres. Tube tyres are designed for maximum road grip. These tyres have a heavyweight compared to other types of tyres. The reason weight matters, is because it helps make your vehicle heavier. This consequently increases the down force of your bike on the road, making it grip the surface more. Tube tyres are comparatively cost-efficient options.

Tubeless tyres – Top tier handling and performance for Indian roads
Tubeless tyres were designed as an alternative to the tube tyres. This is why when comparing both, you’ll find tubeless tyres to be very similar to tube tyres. These tyres are great at handling. Their lightweight makes manoeuvrability a breeze! Additionally, it contributes to better fuel efficiency as well.
The lightweight design allows for greater heat dissipation. Punctures in tubeless tyres are easy and quick to fix. Tubeless tyres are quite high on safety as air pressure drops gradually after a puncture. This makes it a perfect match for uncertain Indian roads! Not only would you be able to enjoy driving with such tyres, but also can ensure you dodge the people and potholes on your way!

Radial tyres
Radial tyres use steel belts under the rubber treads to stabilise the traction. Using this system, the treads are more refined on radial tyres. This makes them grip roads better. These tyres also ensure greater tread life and are low on maintenance costs. Radial tyres are built to offer smooth steering control and resistance to rolling!

So, Which tyre is the best for Indian roads: Mileage, Grip, Control, and Costs
When comparing the three tyre options discussed above, we need a step by step look into their implications.
● Mileage: Both radial and tubeless tyres win in this segment as they have proven to increase fuel economy, as compared to tube tyres that decrease fuel economy.
● Grip: Radial tyres offer the best grip on the road due to their reinforced design. However, tube tyres are also quite gripping due to their weight. Tubeless tyres also offer a high grip!
● Control: Radial tyres and Tubeless tyres are the best when it comes to controlling. Apart from this, radial tyres also offer greater stability at higher speeds due to their design.
● Costs: While tube tyres cost less, radial and tubeless tyres are more costly to buy. However, when it comes to maintenance the latter variants are cost-effective compared to tube tyres.

The conclusion
If you’re wondering which tyres are the best for bikes on Indian roads, we’d recommend going for whichever ones that suit your needs. All three tyres offer great features control! Stability and manoeuvrability are essential in a country like ours! We recommend you get tyres from reputed brands like TVS Eurogrip with 37 years of expertise. Their refined innovation and technology are great advantages. Good news is you can buy tyres from them online. Buy yourself the right tyres and wind down India’s incredible roads enjoying the breeze!

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