How To Effectively Maintain Your Motorcycle Tyres?


Five Easy Processes To Keep In Mind

Just like other core mechanicals of your motorcycle, the tyres also need timely care so that they work flawlessly throughout their life span. Following are some of the processes which you can carry out to maintain your motorcycle tyres for long so that they offer you maximum possible grip and durability:

How to keep your motorcycle tyres clean?

To make your motorcycle tyres look clean and new, first, wash them properly with running water and then use a sponge to clean the dirt accumulated in tight spaces. After the tyres dry off, apply polish on another sponge and rub it on the sidewalls through small circular movements to ensure an even amount of polish is applied. Avoid applying it to the centre tread part of the tyre, as it will get dirty as soon as you start riding the motorcycle.

How to bring shine to your motorcycle tyres?

If you want your motorcycle tyres to remain shiny all the time, make sure that they are not kept dirty for most of the time. Give your motorcycle tyres a thorough wash at least once a week. If the dust and dirt remain accumulated on the tyres for long, it will rob off the natural shine of the rubber.

How to fix bike tyre puncture?

It depends on the type of tyre you are using for your motorcycle. However, in either case, it is advisable to know the nearest puncture tyre repair shops. The tube-type tyres flatten suddenly when they suffer from a puncture. You need to take out the tyre first and then fix the tube inside it, which requires a technical hand. However, a tubeless tyre works more efficiently in cases of punctures, as they have better air retention capacity. You need to take out the object which caused the puncture and insert a puncture-repair-strip in it to seal it.

How to check bike tyre alignment?

The process of checking the alignment of your motorcycle tyres is a bit tricky, but an efficient one. After placing the motorcycle on its centre stand, take a long string and fold it to half of its length. Tie this string to the rear wheel, keep its middle folded end at the tyre’s surface area and stick this end with tape. Take the open ends of the string, tie them to a ruler and place that ruler on the surface area of the front tyre. This entire string should be parallel to the ground and the distance between the two ends of the string should be equal to the width of the rear tyre. At the same time, there will be some gap on either side of the front tyre, as it is narrower than the rear tyre. Measure the gap on either side with the ruler, and if these gaps remain inconsistent after rotating the front tyre, it means that the bike tyre is misaligned.

Will the air cap on the valve still help?

The real purpose of the air cap is to protect the tyre from external dust and dirt, which might cause loss of air. While you can ride your motorcycle without the air cap, as the air inside will not leak out, it is advisable to ride with them to prevent damages due to incoming dust, which can cause leakage of air.

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