How To Check If Your Tyres Needs To Be Replaced?


A tyre replacement procedure might look or feel to be a simple affair at first. However, there are several factors and processes, which one need to take care of while replacing the tyres. Either for an entry-level commuter or a high-end superbike, the following are the various questions that you will deal with while replacing your motorcycle tyres –

How long do motorcycle tyres last?

It depends on various factors like the type of tyres, composition of compounds, the distance limit, etc. Various tyre makers claim different warranty periods for their tyre offerings. However, a tyre can last mostly for three years. However, if the motorcycle is ridden mostly over rough terrains, the tyres might last shorter than expected.

Evaluate if your tyre needs a replacement

There are various inspection methods, which indicate that the time of replacement of tyres has come. Signs like the condition of tread, number of puncture holes repaired, end of life span recommended by the tyre maker, etc. should be kept in mind while deciding to replace the tyres of your motorcycle.

How to check for the warranty of your new tyre?

It is something which you should check out before buying a new tyre. While buying online or from any authorized tyre shop, cross-check the warranty given by the tyre maker with the seller. All tyre makers have different warranty periods for different types of tyres.

Where to get motorcycle tyres fitted?

If you are purchasing the tyre online, you can get them delivered to your doorstep after which you can take them to any nearby tyre shops and get them fitted. However, nowadays, the hassle to visit the tyre shop for fitment has been further eased. Some leading tyre portals not only let you buy bike tyres online but also provide you to choose the nearest empanelled tyre vendor to get the tyre delivered and fitted.

What is the average cost to fit motorcycle tyres?

It depends on whether the tyre to be fit is a tube-tyre or a tubeless tyre. For replacing either of these tyres, the cost should not be more than Rs 100 to Rs 150. However, for superbikes which might require complex processes for removal of tyres, the fitting cost of the tyres might be higher.

How much does it cost to replace a bike tyre?

It also depends on varying factors like the layout type of tyre (tube-type or tubeless), tyre size, construction of tyre (bias-ply or radial), etc. For entry-level motorcycles up to 200cc, a new tyre usually costs below Rs 2,000-2,500. However, for more premium motorcycles up to 500-600cc, the costs can be up in the range of Rs 3,000-7,000. As expected, the tyres for superbikes are pricier due to their more sophisticated composition.

Bike tyre exchange option

It is more preferable if you are considering buying a tyre offline from any of the authorized tyre shops in the market. Some tyre shops do offer a decent amount of the old tyre if you exchange it with a new tyre from them.

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